Coverage Monitoring Scope

  • Statistics Calls/SMS Attempted to the Network
  • Each of the applications functionality can be enabled/disabled by sending APDUs to the applet, allowing for full control by the network and allowing for network personnel to remotely assist users of the network when they are facing coverage issues.
  • Calls dropped
  • Subcauses of alarms (e.g. No circuit available, unallocated TIMSI, GPRS services not allowed, etc.)
  • Check time to connect to the Network from startup
  • Network rejection (IMSI/RA/EPS Attach or Update failures including data networks registration and Internet browser error termination)
  • Access technology changing (2G/3G/4G)
  • Measurement Reports (RSRP, RSCP, Ec/No, scrambling code, RxLev, Timing Advance etc.)
  • Times of signal loss -> Radio Link Tiemout
  • Data throughput on demand

Drawbacks of Handset-Based Analysis

  • No measurement (e.g. CellID, RSRP, RSRQ, Ec/No, RXLEV, RXQUAL, Timing Advavance, etc.) report from iOS 9 or higher versions.
  • The subscriber must download the smart phone application, must give lots of permission and finally the application can not be pushed to subscribers in a silent way.
  • Covers only partial smart phones or mobile POS, will not work on windows or legacy handsets.

Drawbacks of Network Based Analysis

  • Need drive test for location discovery
  • No need to analyze big data, cause LTE moved intelligence to network edge.

Drawbacks of Drive Test Analysis

  • For indoor private locations, drive test and discovering the location of the problem (especially “out of service”) is not possible.

Real Time Heat Map Generation

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